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Caribou Team


Stef Stéphane Durocher

Chief Organiser of Caribou Adventures

Stéphane Durocher was born in Canada and came to Europe in the

first part of the new millenium. There, he took part in continental sailing

competitions and studied telecommunications. He decided to move to 

France permanently and brought his love of sports and nature with him.

                                            This is how Caribou Adventures came to be.

Meet Our Staff 

The United Colours Of Caribou

Coming to Caribou gives you a real opportunity to travel through meeting our international helpers.

The team is made up entirely of volunteers who come from all over the world‚ and many of them are

long-term travelers. They are eager to share their different languages and cultures with the guests. 

In this way, the volunteers contribute not only through their multicultural, but also by adding an

international dimension to life at Caribou. 


During your stay, do take advantage of your exposure to these open and friendly people who are always

ready to share their cultures, stories and points of view. 

Have a look in a day in the life of Caribou's Team :