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"In A Bubble"

Telerama feature describing Caribou Aventures

August 5-18, 2015 

         "Wedged in the trees, your head in the stars… imagine yourself stretched out in a “vision bubble” with a ceiling of leaves. The hooting and forest sounds might trouble you at first, but by the end city dwellers will  become accustomed to the sounds of nature. In the morning, open your eyes to a little bird hopping from branch to branch in place of a LED light from your alarm clock. Savor this experience of symbiosis with the forest under a transparent dome, which seems to float 5 meters above the ground, attached to the trees by a series of cables.

         Caribou Adventures was founded by Stephane Durocher, initially from Quebec. He installed 12 bubbles of this kind on his 4 acres of woodland terrain. Four of them are suspended 12 meters or higher, and are not accessible without being fitted with a harness. It’s the least you can do of the challenging climbs in the forest of Trois Pignons, a well-known bouldering site in the forest of Fontainebleau. Close by, you can visit Milly-la-Foret and the Chapel of Saint Blaise, decorated by Jean Cocteau, who is buried there. Don’t miss the Cyclop, a monumental statue built in the forest of Milly by Jean Tinguely and Niki de Saint Phalle, which you can visit Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoons."

This article has been translated from the original version; see below.

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