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Caribou Adventures on Welcome to our Home

       After appearing in France 3's show "All-inclusive Paris" in June 2013, the Durocher family appeared on the TF1 show "Bienvenue Chez Nous" (Welcome to Our Home). This show invites its audience to discover aspects of French heritage and culture in a reality TV setting. full episode focused on the site of Caribou Adventures aired on Thursday, April 10, 2014. In "Welcome to our Home," each couple competes for the prize of €3000.
       Here at Caribou, we rarely watch TV, but we were grateful for the opportunity to participate in a show which will enable over 3 million viewers to discover what we have to offer. We undertook the challenge in a spirit of humor and benevolence, not for profit. We thank our friends and family for supporting us so that we could enjoy this challenge together.