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The Forest of Fontainebleau in Ile de France:

The Most Beautiful Region of France, Presented by Stephane Durocher

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Photo: "The Most Beautiful Region of France"

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May 29, 20:50

After their recent appearances on France 3 and TF1, Caribou Adventures and Stephane Durocher were chosen as ambassadors to represent the colors of L'lle-de-France on the TV show "The Most Beautiful Region of France," aired Tuesday, May 29, at prime time, 20:50.

This TV show's concept is to show the diverse landscapes, regions, and estates in France. The country's rich diversity gives each of its regions their own character. 

M6 proposed that the most beautiful region of France could be determined through a televised contest judged on viewers' votes. To help people make the choice, a jury of 3 experts- a tourism specialist, a historian, and a chef- traverse the country.

In each region, our jury is orientated by local guides who love and are proud of where they live. They will help the judges discover the region around three themes: constructed heritage, the beauty of the landscape, and the flavors of regional products. 

On this episode, the producers visited Aquitaine, Franche-Comté, Languedoc-Roussillon, Île-de-France et Champagne-Ardenne. In l'île de France, the episode began at the Eiffel Tower and continued into the forest of Fontainebleau. 


Stephane's mission is to convince both the jury and the viewers that although one might think that the IDF region is completely urban, it also posesses great natural beauty. Stephane will lead you on a journey into an unbelievable geographic phenomenon: an ocean of sand in the middle of The Forest of Three Gables, called the "cul du chien." Here, you can watch best climbers in the world train and practice at breathtaking angles in this natural outdoor climbing gym. Finally, rest for the night under a million stars in a bubble hanging 20 meters above ground, high in the trees. 

Though the region itself and the way of life in the forest is little-known to the public, Stephane will encourage voters to consider that Ile-de-France is in fact the most beautiful in the country.

To give you a taste of what's in store, watch these two videos. See you on your next adventure!