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Cover: Noisy-sur-Ecole

        When Stephane and Olivia Durocher put their bags down in Noisy-sur-Ecole, they did now know that their destiny was there waiting for them. Stephane, originally from Quebec, came to La Rochelle for a sailing competition, met his love, and decided to stay in France. While playing many sports, including the famous “Raid Gauloise” race with his wife, he obtained his diploma in engineering and retained his active lifestyle.

A Lucky Place

         After buying their house in Noisy, they quickly realized the potential of the property. ”We bought the woods to extend our land, but the woods were very close to swampland,” explained Stephane Durocher. “It became evident to me that the only way to take advantage of the land was by looking to the air. Without any real problems to speak of, I installed rope bridges and other acrobatic passages to take advantage of the woods in the day, and then I started to install platforms for the nighttime. Thus, Caribou was born.” Open to the public for a little more than 3 years, the park quickly acquired a reputation that set it apart from others in the area.


Building Fusion

            Caribou Aventures does not have the same purpose as other adventure parks. Stephane Durocher, incidentally, refuses this name. “The people who come here, they don’t come to do the high ropes course, but instead to return to themselves. I was inspired by practices of the American Indians. People play sports, in the trees, or on the earth on the fields; swim to release all stress, and then the sauna and a massage before a big community meal. Then, they pass the twilight and the night under the trees.” This might be the best way to re-discover your life as a couple or friendship. As for places to sleep, there is a wide range of choices: in the guesthouse, in a small independent cabin, a tipi, and the famous bubbles high in the trees; each person must find his or her own shelter. As for the last, Stephane takes great pleasure in explaining that “there are 4 and 5 star hotels in the region, but we propose bubbles under a million stars, ones that you can count before falling asleep.”

          3 options are possible, from the “Into the Wild” bubbles about 2 meters above the ground up to the “Into the Sky” bubbles, which sit on a private terrace 12 meters above the ground. There are many choices aimed to help you isolate yourself for the night in an intimate place after a journey rich in emotion. The formula works very well; couples, corporate groups, family reunions, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and simply those who want a new experience come and return later, proving that the formula works.


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