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Dine with us

Dining at Caribou

Make the most of our copious and high quality dining here at Caribou.

Table d'hôte

Enjoy homemade, balanced, family-style meals that are sourced from only 

the best local ingredients. 

Our meals are eaten on the terrace or in the dining room, depending on the weather.


Lunch or Evening dining : €30 per person per meal for adults, €20 for children (under 16)


In the caribou kitchen we try to focus on experimenting with new flavors and look to create balanced and composed meals which surprise and please your palate. We create meals which are primarily composed of vegetables, fruits and whole grains which will leave you feeling satisfied, while still being light. While we do always have meat options, we work to make sure that you have the opportunity to enjoy the abundance and variety of the wonderful produce which is sourced locally. The food focuses mostly on the integrity of the the products while exploring new flavors from all over the world. Come and join us at the table d’hotel and experience our authentic, heart made food in a warm friendly home environment.





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Before the meal, enjoy appetizers and a cocktail (with or without alcohol!).

At the table, enjoy a starter and a main course with meat or fish

accompanied by two or three vegetable sides. 

A cheese platter and a salad is served after the main course.

Dessert is offered with coffee or tea.

Wine is included.

Our menu can be adapted to different dietary needs examples of different needs are those who are vegetarians, gluten intolerants or Halal. Please give the kitchen at least one day advanced notice for specific requests.