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Camping in the Sky


Come and enjoy a night floating in the trees, gazing at

the night sky in one of our bubble rooms. Our bubbles

offer you a moment of shared, peaceful isolation 

difficult to find in your usual busy life. See more details

about the types and heights of the bubbles we offer at

Caribou below.


Bubble alternative info


"Into the Wild" Bubbles

(2-5 meters) - €90


Our "Into the Wild" Bubbles provide the perfect

choice if you want to immerse yourself in nature

and enjoy some alone time.


The bubbles can be accessed by climbing up a one

or two meter ladder, and each includes

a breakfast seating area.




 "Glamping" Bubbles



Our "Glamping" Bubbles offer a marvelous view

over the surrounding forest. 


Each of these bubbles has its own private

terrace, and can be accessed easily without a





 "Into the Sky" Bubbles

(12 to 20 meters) -€110


The "Into the Sky" Bubbles are suspended high up in

the branches at heights of between 12 and 20



There are various options for access, but all require

a harness. Each bubble comes with a private

terrace, and dry toilets are available.