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Events at Caribou

Events at Caribou

Birthdays, Family Parties, Stag and Hen Parties...


Book a suite of rooms, or the entire park! The space and the wide range of

activities available allows visitors to customize their visit as they please. 


Activities in the water,

on the ground, and in the air

You can have a water polo match, play volleyball or soccer,

and then take on our high ropes course all without leaving

the campus; you can take advantage of our wide range of

activities for a whole day or weekend.​ 

See our list of activities here. 



After a day of swimming, climbing, and exploring, relax

in our sauna or hot tub, invigorate your muscles with an

Indonesian Massage or take a dive in the pool. 

Dine with us

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all available on site,

served inside or outside, family style including beer and

wine. Large parties can create menus to their preference. 

Guests can also use the Kota building for more private space.

Live music around a campfire

Unfortunately, in our daily lives, the opportunity to take a moment to

truly connect with those around us is rare. Simple group singing has 

bridged the gaps between age, gender, and culturefor generations.  

Gather around a warm, bright fire in the Kota to enjoy live guitar music.

Sing along to your favorite French, Spanish, and English hits with your

loved ones, friends, and the Caribou community.


Sleep soundly at home or in the trees

We offer traditional rooms inside the house as well as

adventurous alternatives, such as bubble rooms suspended

in the trees, a wooden tipi, and a beautiful treehouse. Inside the

house is a self-sufficient Gite, which includes an oven, refrigerator,

and cookstove- great for longer stays and families!

The Caribou team takes your satisfaction as our first priority.


We are happy to create a personalized, unique event just for you and your loved ones.