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Indonesian Massage

Indonesian Massage

Whether you come to Caribou for sports, romance, or just to relax,

come and enjoy the experience of an outdoors Balinese massage.

The goal of Caribou Aventures is that you will leave recuperated, rejuvenated, and refreshed by both physical activity and intentional relaxation. As a way to recuperate after intense sports in Fontainebleau Forest or the build-up of tension in daily life, nothing beats an Indonesian massage.

Before the massage, take a dip in our 40° hot-tub, swim in our 25-meter pool; or sweat out the stress in our wood-fired sauna.


This 60-90-minute deep treatment relieves muscle tension in all parts of the body, and is especially effective against muscle stiffness and aches for both the very active and those with computer-based occupations.The masseur will work with his hands, fingers, elbows, and arms, and essential oils, making the experience a journey of smells through exotic southeast Asia.

Privacy is assured as the body is covered by a sarong removed only for the massage on the revealed section.


Full body massage (1 hour 15 minutes) : €70

Half massage (back, legs and/or hands, 30 minutes) : €50


Stages of the Massage

1. A gliding motion over the body

2. Static and moving compressions with the fingers

3. Kneading of the muscles followed by firm impacts




Principal Benefits

1. Removes fatigue and tension in the spine and back

2. Allows complete muscle relaxation

3. Digestive System

         Relief of constipation or diarrhea

  Normalizes digestive function via ANS 

4. Lymphatic System

  Stimulate movement of lymph fluids 

  Opens up lymph vessels for greater efficiency  

5. Reinvigorates the body; raises energy levels

6. Restores harmony between your body and soul