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Sports and Activities

Activities at Caribou

Sports and Well-Being

Sport Bien Etre

Swmming and Aqua-Gym, Bicycling, Easy Gymnastics, Flexibility Work (stretching and relaxation)

Beach Volley

Beach Volley

Do you want to challenge yourself and your friends and enjoy the pure sand from Fontainebleau Forest? Play "on the beach" with us at Caribou!

High-Ropes Course

Accro Branche

Four high ropes courses for all levels!

Pool / Water Games


Lounge in our semi-olympic pool or play water sports, like kayaking, canoe, stand-up paddle, underwater hockey, water polo, volleyball... hours of laughs and entertainment!

Terrain Multi-Sports


Football, ultimate frisbee, rugby, roller hockey, handball, kin-ball, Australian football... If you can think of a sport, chances are you can play it here. 

Fitness Gym


Come and try all our machines to sculpt the body of your dreams!

Mountain Biking


The Forest of Fontainebleau is a paradise for mountain bikers, with its winding pathways and large height differentials. Use the mountain bikes as you like!

Pedal Karts

Karts a pedales

These eco-friendly karts are loved by the young and old alike.

Fitness Courses

Parcours sante

Running and muscular fitness courses are here for your fitness and well-being.

Sauna and Hot Tub

Bien etre

An outdoor hot tub and sauna, both wood-heated, will permit you to relax completely in body and mind.



Take advantage of our soothing, relaxing Indonesian Massage. Click on the image to learn more. 




The Caribou team will be happy to show you how we climb rocks here in the forest of Fontainebleau. Find out for yourself why we are an internationally-famous location for rock climbing!

Orienteering Challenge


Take only a map and compass for an orienteering race in the Forest of Fontainebleau. Find your way through the five sectors of the forest and meet the challenges waiting for you there.  

The Caribou Challenge



Do you dare to take on the Caribou Challenge? Take on 20 different sports and activities (archery, trampoline, zip-line...) and rack up points to determine the victor.

Team Coaching


Reviatlize your team with our activities geared toward building group cohesion. We use different fun workshops and sports to help your team discover the true strength that comes from working together.